Organic Chemistry


A digital learning tool on organic chemistry which is an innovative attempt to allow effective use of IT in schools.

Chemistry is an experimental science. It is impossible to investigate the properties of substabces and their potential applications without experiments, but a lot of them are restricted from Secondary School because of hazards to health and use of corrosive substances.

The tool consists of 30 learning objects, an interactive periodic table, a problem solving tool, tools for writing chemical formulae and chemical equations, 3D molecular modeling tool and reference book.

The material presented in this tool is interesting, stimulates students’ curiosity and motivates learning.

There are a lot of equations of reactions, videos demonstrating experiments:

Tests, and exercises are provided to verify and improve the knowledge of the subject. Creative laboratories have 15 worksheets to help students simulate the planning out of and carrying out virtual experiments and research work.

Teachers using this learning tool in a creative way will interest students with different level of readiness, motivation and needs.