Mathematics examinations video solutions

Videos of Mathematics State Final Examination (VBE) and tenth grade (II grade in gymnasium) Evaluation of Basic Educational Achievement (PUPP) of year 2015 problem solving on YouTube channel

With this project we want to help students, their parents and teachers, who have to take the role of the jury, to evaluate the results of examination and to learn at least one possible way of solving the problems.

We had the authors of textbooks and other educational tools help us with this task on the days of examinations. We started solving, shooting and publishing videos on YouTube just after the end of them. We have provided the correct solutions to all the problems on the same day.

Despite the fact that mathematics is a rigid subject, there are more than one way to solve the problems. That is why, we invite everybody to look at our suggested solutions, to comment on them and/or propose the solutions yourself. Let’s make a quality tool for future generations of graduate students to prepare for the exams.